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    Served Sunday through Thursday from 4:30pm to 10pm and 11pm (Fri & Sat) Our dinner menu expands upon the lunch menu with all of the favorites plus a wide range of Tapas and a larger entrée list. Take your time, share a tapa, and choose from one of our house specialties such as the Texan Skirt Steak, the Tower Linguine, Jerk Chicken, or the one-of-a-kind Budin Azteca. Our wine list and dessert case are also a focus for dinner as we love to pair our menu with a great glass of wine and our award winning desserts are a perfect ending to your experience.

Served Monday through Friday from 4:30pm until 10pm.
Served Saturday and Sunday from 4:30pm until 11pm.

Pomme Frittes - $6.95
Our house cut French fries served with fritte sauce - European style mustard sauce
Add $.95 for Thai glaze or Jerk sauce

Chips & Salsa - $7.95
Multi-colored chips with house-made pico de gallo, angry salsa (spicy),

and a refried bean dip

Moo Ping Satay - $9.95
Pork tenderloin marinated in garlic, soy, corriander and tumeric then grilled served with a spicy cucumber salad and a Thai sweet chili dipping sauce.

Thai Drums - $8.95

Drumettes marinated then tossed in Piag’s Thai Glaze with chili, ginger, and soy

Chile Relleno Tapa - $9.95

Chimichanga - $8.95
Roasted pulled pork and refried beans wrapped in a tortilla and fried then topped with sour cream, pico de gallo and diablo sauce. Served with tortillas chips

Poh Pia - $7.95

Deep fried vegetarian spring rolls with cabbage, carrots, champignon noir mushrooms, green onions, and bean thread noodles served with two dipping sauces:

sweet and sour plum & Thai chili peanut

Tower Ceviche- $10.95

Nicaraguan Black Bean  *  $4.50  Bowl - $6.50
Soup du Jour  Cup - $4.50  Bowl - $6.50 
House baked bread - $1.00


Havana Salad - $7.95
Our new house salad with seasonal greens and arugala mixed with julienned bell pepper, onion, tomatoes & cucumber topped with candied walnuts in a chili-lime dressing
Add Chipotle Chicken for $3.95 / Prawns or Salmon for $5.95

Tower Caesar - $9.95 / $7.95
The classic Tijuana style salad of romaine hearts and leaves with house made croutons, roasted red pepper and Argentinean parmesan cheese tossed in our own Caesar dressing
Add Chipotle Chicken for $3.95 / Prawns or Salmon for $6.95

Chinese Chicken - $13.95

Five-spice marinated chicken, grape tomatoes, carrots and English cucumbers on a bed of fresh romaine hearts and crispy rice sticks topped with honey-sesame dressing,with a medley of nuts, sesame seeds green onions and pickled ginger.

Asian Noodle - $11.95

Angel hair pasta, fresh julienned carrots and cucumber with ginger marinated chicken tossed in a wonderful sweet hot Szechuan dressing topped with pea sprouts, sesame seeds,cashews and green onions

Thai Steak - $14.95

Skirt steak marinated in Thai sauce, grilled and served on a bed of fresh greens and crispy rice sticks with diced mango,cahews, cucumbers, carrots and bean sprouts with a spicy Szechuan dressing

Brazilian Chicken - $13.95
Warm breast of chicken, bell peppers and onions with mango and black beans over a bed of greens with avocado and papaya, pickled ginger topped with red cabbage and our orange-ginger dressing

Wedge Salad - $11.95

Romaine wedge topped with a creamy blue cheese dressing, bacon,
chives and pickled beets.

- add Chipotle Chicken for $3.95
- add Prawns or Salmon for $6.95


Served with your choice of house made fries or potato salad
Add $.95 each for bacon, avocado, Jerk sauce, Thai glaze, Fritte sauce or Mushrooms
Add $.95 to substitute a side House Salad, Caesar Salad, Cup of Soup or Thai Basil Coleslaw

Malaysian Chicken Sandwich - $12.95
Chicken breast marinated in hoisin and ginger grilled and served with mayo, lettuce, onion, shredded jicama, grilled pineapple and a pineapple salsa

Monte Cristo - 13.95

Our Famous French Toast sandwich around sliced ham and swiss cheese then baked and dusted with powdered sugar and served with chipotle raspberry jam
herb focaccia with tomato, arugula, and pesto mayo

Kingston Chicken - $12.95
Grilled chicken breast topped with our famous Jerk sauce and jack cheese
served with mayo, lettuce, red onion, and jicama

Tower Grill Cheese- $10.95
Cheddar,aged gouda and smoked mozzarella melted in betwwen butter and parmesan crusted brioche bread.

Served with your choice of house made fries or potato salad
Add $.95 each for bacon, avocado, Jerk sauce, Thai glaze, Fritte sauce or Mushrooms
Add $.95 to substitute a side House Salad, Caesar Salad, Cup of Soup or Thai Basil Coleslaw

The All American Burger - $10.95
A charbroiled 1/2 lb. choice ground chuck patty, cheddar cheese, tomato, onions, lettuce, pickle, and mayonnaise

The Earth Burger - $12.95

Grilled vegetarian patty made of roasted nuts, rice, gouda cheese caramelized onions and spices served with lettuce, tomato, and onions on a whole wheat bun with a housemade curry cashew sauce
Make it Borracho style for $1.95

The Borracho Burger - $11.95
Our 1/2 pound patty with Firestone ‘Double Barrel Ale’ BBQ sauce, jack cheese, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise

East African Veggie Burger - $12.95

A vegan patty made of ground peas, sweet potato, garbanzo beans, and corn mixed with African spices, encrusted with sesame and sunflower seeds. Served with sliced portabella, lettuce, red onion, pickle, and roasted red pepper on a whole wheat bun with a housemade curry cashew sauce
Make it Borracho style for $1.95

Chile Rellenos - $18.95

Our crispy Pasilla pepper stuffed with currants, Monterey jack, pine nuts and cilantro topped
with pico de gallo and sour cream served with Spanish rice and whole pinto beans

Chicken Priking - $17.95
A half baked chicken with Piag's spicy thai red curry sauce, topped wth sesame seeds and cilantro served with a cucmber salad and steamed jasmine rice.
( Red Curry made with Oyster sauce)

Priking Prawns - $19.95
Beer battered tiger prawns tossed with green beans and bell pepper in a spicy red curry paste. Served with steamed jasmine rice.

Tower Linguine - $17.95
Fresh Atlantic salmon sautéed with cherry tomatoes, cilantro, white wine and lemon butter, then tossed with linguine and topped with parmesan cheese and fresh herbs.
Also available with Panzotti sauce.
- Add $3.95 to substitute Jumbo Prawns
- Vegetarians sub seasonal vegetables

Mulita Verde- $16.95
4 corn tortillas stacked with shredded chicken, jack, jalapeno and cilantro, smothered in an avocado- tomatillo sauce with Mexican crema onions, and panella, layered with refried beans.

Florentine Ravioli - $15.95
Jumbo raviolis stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese in our Panzotti sauce - a white wine pesto cream sauce - finished with cherry tomatoes, sautéed spinach, and mushrooms
- Add $2.95 to add Chicken / $5.95 for Prawns

Tower Fish & Chips - $16.95

Fresh Cod in a panko batter served with hand cut French fries, Thai basil coleslaw, tartar sauce and a new miso chile sauce

Santa Fe Salmon - $20.95

Red chile crusted Atlantic salmon pan seared and placed over yellow pepper and mango sauce with sautéed baby spinach and wild mushrooms served with tricolored southwest orzo

Jamaican Jerk Chicken - $18.95

A half baked chicken marinated in 18 spices, chilis, citrus juice and spices served with a warm corn/red bell pepper salad, white rice, black beans and a side of Jerk sauce

Piag’s Thai Steak - $19.95

A 10 oz. skirt steak marinated in garlic, ginger, hoisin, and plum sauce then grilled and served with steamed jasmine rice, sautéed baby bok choy with bell peppers and red chile soy dipping sauce

Texasia Steak - $20.95
A grilled 10 oz. skirt steak marinated garlic, ginger, hoisin and plum sauce Served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, warm corn/red bell pepper salad and crispy onion strings

Pasta Portofino- $24.95
Sauteed Tiger prawns, lobster tail, and sea scallop in a tomato, chipotle, basil and white wine clam sauce tossed with angel hair
pasta.. Served with garlic bread

Thai Green Curry - $16.95
Sautéed chicken breast in a mild and savory green curry with coconut milk, bamboo, bell peppers, carrots, peas, cherry tomatoes and fresh Thai basil served with steamed jasmine rice and topped with fresh cilantro
- Add $3 to substitute Thai Steak or Jumbo Prawns


Crab Cakes Mexi-Cali - $16.95
Dungeness crab, sweet bell pepper and onion mixed then pan seared to a golden brown and served with a spicy chipotle aioli and miso-chile dipping sauce along with arugula, cabbage, and pico de gallo salad in jalapeño-anise vinaigrette

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